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The end of the two learners’ sabbatical at Persian Language Center

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Mr. Anderash Barati and Mrs. Rozina Dombi, two Hungarian students were accepted  for a 10-month sabbatical at the University of Shahid Beheshti  from December 2015 . These two students did their researchs on “History of Western Khorasan in the eighteenth century” and “survey of the compositions in the ancient Persian literature” supervised by doctor Ahmad Khatami and the doctor Reza Shabani. Doctor Khatami expressed hope that with the expansion of scientific relations between the two countries, Persian Language Center is open to more students from Hungary.

The second Persian graduation celebration for students

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The second Persian graduation celebration for students of  Educating Persian Language Center was held at 10 am on Monday, February’s fourth at Naser Khosrow hall of Faculty of Literature and Humanities .
At the ceremony, Dr. Ahmad Khatami, thanking the officials of  Educating Persian Language Center, wishes success in teaching Persian language and acquainting with new horizons for students. Professor Hajjabbary also stated about the progress and promotion of the center as well as tips for Persian learners.

It should be noted that in this course, thirty three students of the center managed to graduate in Persian language and receive the license and degree to enter internal universities in the country.