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Educational regulations

Educational regulations

1-  Persian language teaching will be held in public and  supplementary consisting of two 32-week semesters and each week including at least 10 2-hour sessions, according to the academic calendar of  universities across the country.

2- Courses are presented in four skills: oral expression, writing, reading comprehension and listening comprehension .

3-Teaching Persian language centers will provide technical concepts of biology and chemistry courses for medical and empirical sciences, physics and mathematics courses for the fields of Mathematics and Engineering, and Iranology and Social Sciences for Humanities (humanities 1), and social science and basic math for (Humanities fields 2) in form of  6 units as a prerequisite and compensatory courses, during supplementary Persian language course for undergraduate courses and professional doctorate applicants considering  applicants’ field of study .

4-  Humanities fields 2 including accounting, management, economic sciences, economics and banking, and other humanities fields are among the humanities 1.

5- If the language learner in general Persian course could not pass one or two courses (maximum 8 units), then he/she must take  courses as well as two graduate courses.

6- Language learners that fail maximum six course units during the course, they are required to take this course in the summer term and the center must provide conditions to get the courses.

7- If students have begun their studies in the second academic semester, they can take up to 6 units of their failed courses in summer semester.

8- You need to get 12 to pass all courses in Persian language course, and 14 is acceptable GPA.

Note: The minimum score for applicants in medical fields and professional doctoral degree courses is at least 16 and at undergraduate and paramedical degree is at least 15.

9- Scholarship language learner can at most repeat the course by paying according to regulations of the exchange council. And if they fail again,  department of foreign students will decide whether to cancel or change Scholarship.

Note: decisions regarding the number of repeated courses of Persian language training as well as costs related to the period for non-scholarship students (studying with personal costs) will be the responsibility of the training center.

10- Students may take up to one failed course as an introduction to professor to complete the course.